Google Latitude, it’s cool technology, I have nothing to dispute there.  It’s the technology and capability my teenage self dreamt of.  Today I got an invitation to share my location with someone I know (someone who I do count as a friend, not the lobotomised definition that Facebook, Livejournal et al have given us).  However I have to ask myself the question.  Why would I want to share my location, it’s amazing that my phone can work out where I am within a very small margin of error, translate that into global co-ordinates, send it back up into Google who track and log the information and present that information on a map for people to view.

What is the benefit to me, what is the benefit to the person I know?

I can think of a few specific cases where I’m trying to meet up with someone but the need for the databases of my position and the like just aren’t needed.  So for the moment I won’t be sharing my location, if you need to know where I am, ask me then and there.  If you need to know where I’m going to be, ask me.

One thought on “Latitude”

  1. This, oddly, reminds me of looking at a wow mini and mainmap, and watching your other raiders/dungeoneers converging on a location.

    There has been the odd time when I have longed to look up, when driving, and see a minimap in the top right hand corner of the screen, or the old Cartographer arrows at the top.

    Would it be good for Tomtom to join with google on this?

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