Real ID, some blue updates

Another day, another update on Real ID (Updated Blue on Real ID), Let’s look at some of the interesting points.


A bit of a dodge here by Blizz, apparently as long as you don’t install an addon designed to collect the data there’s no risk.  However how many of us spend the time to download addons and check them line by line looking for attempts to access Real ID information.  Sloppy implementation by Blizzard, I’m surprised that they’re still dodging this, though it is stated that there are attempts ongoing to change the behaviour.


The end-game is announced, they want to be a social networking / gaming company.

Other stuff

There is another blue floating around where Blizz have stated that they are working on changes to make the friend of a friend sharing optional / configurable.  Once that is in I might be more interested in it as a feature, though I still personally want the ability to have “stealth” alts / games, there are times when I what I want to do is slack on another alt and just kill things.

2 thoughts on “Real ID, some blue updates”

  1. At the moment, although it would be nice to keep in touch, I can’t really see that RealID will help – I reckon if people I know do *not* want to hide from me, then they will be on alts who frequent the custom chat channel. If they do not want to hide, and want some sort of company, then there is always vent.

    If there are others that I meet in game, then they can contact me in the usual way. Using the friends system.

    Please don’t tell me that my Blizzard game-time is going to be a feature of facebook – “SD is now playing WoW…. JP is now fighting the lichking…. AS is now playing on the Blades Edge server”.

  2. Actually, the blue you’ve linked to says that they are working on the “feature” to allow people to disable FoaF sharing of RealID:

    “we recognize that some players would prefer not to be displayed on friends lists in this fashion, so we plan to include an option that will allow players to opt out of appearing on their Real ID friends’ “friends of friends” lists. We’re anticipating this feature to be available for StarCraft II shortly after release of the game, and World of Warcraft at around the same time — we’ll have more information for you in the coming weeks.”

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