Comic con demonstration

Westboro Baptist Church has decided to add to it’s list of hate targets, the LGBT community is no longer alone it is joined by the Geeks as they’ve decided to picket Comic-Con, that well known pool of human depravity.  So here’s the thing, these comic geeks, they’re not raising Batman up as an Idol, or worshipping him, some of them will be regular church/mosque/temple/stone ring in the forest goers, no not all of them worship your version of reglion.

Get over it.

They’re not asking you to start worshiping Hobbits, or fear the second coming of Felix the Cat, they’re wanting to get together, have a good few days meeting up with old friends, new friends, random people they meet in the bar and generally doing the things done at large fan conventions.

So, again, get over it, get over yourselves and go check your own behaviour.

[Edit: while I’m at it…]

The nutters are out in force at the moment, Ursula Vernon (got some of her stuff on the wall at home) has been identified by this bunch of loonies (