Dear Raiding Guild

and by that I mean, the slackers who can’t be arsed to sign for the reduced schedule, cancel at the last minute because you find it impossible to keep track of your game cards and so on.

The kicker comment came from one of the dps “what’s the point in killing the Lich King again”, yes I know you were in on our only kill.  You have the full achievement set, you’ve seen him dead, you don’t need to go through fight again.  Now here’s the thing, I was standby that night, my main was blocked from doing anything else because I kept him sat outside the instance doing nothing all night ready to fill in a hole if needed.

I therefore missed the kill.

I’ve been making sure I keep my other lock for another group, this is not a problem but it means I’ve not been farming the content on both locks for six months.

I’ve not killed this bastard and I want him down.

So remember the raiding guild only works because there is a suitably large pool of players who are happy or willing to cycle around and sit out where needed.  If we’re going to go down the route of “I’m not willing to do that again once I have my kill” then you’re heading to a dangerous place where only the interests of the individual are important, the other players only exist as a method by which you can get what you want.

Of course this will cut both ways in the end.

One thought on “Dear Raiding Guild”

  1. I am not surprised, but disappointed (see, the parent in me?) at last night.

    FWIW, I do not wear my kingslayer title – because I feel it is only half earned – I ate floor that night that he went down. So in my mind I did not really earn it. I’d like to get him down again – to feel that this time I had earned it.

    And, more importantly, to have him virtually on farm status – because there are a few nice drops from him.

    I have a feeling that we have all lost the muscle memory for that fight – it has been two months or so since we did it – and the way things are at the moment, we lack discipline so much that we will find it difficult to do again. Have you noticed how people are failing to execute correctly in fester and rotty? oozes in the raid, poor spore manglement? It’s all got a bit blase and I-can-do-this-blindfolded.

    I am also sad that the healer base (which up to pretty recently has been solid) is now flaky. We used to have pretty solid core raiders in the healer team – now we seem to have more casuals. About 6 of the 16 potential healers on the signup list are core – should one of them need to move house/have emergency then there are problems.

    Come Cataclysm, if the raiding guild is still intact, you can bet that people will recover their enthusiasm. I just don’t know if the member base appreciate how much the officers feel depleted by all this slacking. And how much effort goes into things (rather like the Con is built on the efforts of volunteers working hard for months and months and longer) that they don’t even see. But if there is no Concom, there is no Con. If there are no officers, then there is no raid at all.

    So – keep at it slackers – carry on like this and you can be on a permanent raiding holiday!

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