The weekend

On the productive side of things I finally got round to sealing the holes in the new petrol cap (stupid thing came with three small vent holes meaning it pissed petrol all over the place).  the grass and nettles are now significantly shorter making it easier to chase the ducks around the garden.

In warcrack news only got a single raid in (though did get DKP for sitting standby for Friday), a new shiny dropped for the offspec (breastplate token) which is moving the DPS spec closer to something viable for a mid-raid shift if necessary.

We one-shotted the general (that was a good feeling), got through p1 & p2 on Yoggie on the first run and then proceeded to slam our faces into him for a couple of hours, best was 10% (this is a damm good improvement).

So… how is the trial going?  Pretty well it seems, Ted had a word after the Saturday raid, everything seems to be good, he’s happy.  He was watching over his other half’s shoulder for the U10 run last week where Scribe and Unferth dual healed the hardmode stuff which is normally done with three.  So, another weekend of raiding and then I should find out their judgement on the healing tree.

(For reference the hardmode run stats are on worldoflogs)