Yet another PSCO vs Photographer incident

The message being, we don’t like you photographing things, we think you are a terrorist and we’ll demand information we have no right to and hold you in a cell for eight hours if you actually know your rights.

Here’s another which I missed at the time, dear gods, photographing a major landmark which gets photographed many times a day is a reason for a stop and search.

If there is one reason to vote against the main parties this is it, nuLab built up this mentality within the police and PCSOs and the Tories aren’t making any firm promises to deal with the problem.  They like the population to be that little bit afraid of the police, it makes us easier to deal with.  If you’re wary of taking photos just how likely is it you’ll go on a demo?

More heavy handed policing

Looks like taking a photo of a bus station is now on the list of illegal / potentially terrorist activities. Of course we have nothing to worry about as the Police have been told that they shouldn’t be heavy handed about this sort of thing.

So for example taking a photo of a Police car driving across a park, down the paths, forcing pedestrians to move, across the grass. Won’t be a problem… No?