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Laser chicken? Where’s the bear?

All lined up in the bank and as soon I drop talented back onto the box it’ll be saved as well, I’ll just have to get used to eating the 50g respec (+glyphs) bill.

So, “why” I hear you ask, simple enough it’s a raid driven decision based on watching what tends to happen as things are shuffled around during some of the boss fights.  There are fights where the healing need is lower (the General was an example on Sunday) and therefore it makes sense to ask one or more of the healers to dps (it’s rare extra tanks are needed).

“Why laser chicken?”, at least initially it’s down to allowing me to use the same kit until I build up a second set rather than trying to sort out a feral kitty set of Ulduar quality.  As things stand (according to imba) he’s ready for Ulduar with the healing kit, though he’s well down on hit which would be a problem.  So the priority will be to get some dps specific drops which can be enchanted for extra hit.

“Don’t laser chickens look silly and unrealistic?”, no more than blue humanoids with squids on their faces.

“What do you wish for?”, a wardrobe to stick all these damm pieces of equipment in to free up bank slots.