Kicking Ingvar

The rekitting of Valara made the difference, just that little bit extra DPS and our old mate up at the top of the Keep bit the dust to four of us. As ever the axe is a pain in the arse, and just cannot be healed through with our current setup (and I think it would take the likes of the nutter Shammie mentioned in my previous post to achieve it).

Wolf’s next target? More health, more avoidance, more block, more armour.

OS.. 8

Well that got a little intense. Back into main tanking from the diversion into being a leather wearing healer type.

I get a random invite from a Shammie I’ve been pugging with in the past, this is the same nutter who on the last Gun’drak boss told me not to bother moving, he’d just heal through the damage. He’s pulling together an OS8 attempt, he’s going to solo heal it….

Ok, trash goes down, other trash goes down. Boss#1 goes down.. not too bad.

Wipe on trash (manage to get two packs at once), and then pull Boss#2 while dealing with trash… splat.

Get back to Boss#2, for some reason we’re going past to attack from the other side, someone face pulls so I’m frantically pulling the boss while regaining mana and buffing as fast as I can (thank eris for pally power and key bindings). Boss dies.

Boss#3 goes down without too much trouble.

Sarth… I’ve been in OS three times, once OT and twice healing. So this is my first attempt to MT this monster. Apparently I was tanking in a really weird position (head at the front left corner of the island). For the waves from the right I didn’t have to move, and a simple strafe for the left side waves, and a nice clear view across the entire island and keeping Sarth’s backside to the raid. So I’m not sure why it was weird but he went down without a problems.

That’s one more achievement for the pile.