Beta key?  Yes we can.

Thanks to the last minute adhoc Team Pirate group photo (standing on the water in Booty Bay with our parrots out [all underwater]) we all got Beta keys.  So this is your warning I’ll do my best to flag beta material, shove it behind “read more” links and the like but I’m going to be talking about the beta, posting spoilers and generally moaning about the number of bugs.

So initial thoughts with zero spoilers.

  • We’ve a long way to go
  • Bug reporting is bugged in game
  • Camera flight path on the Gnome cinematic is “interesting”
  • Worgen Cinematic has no voiceover
  • L80 talent purchasing is broken
  • No skills are implemented yet
  • Two majorly bugged quests in one of the L80 starting zones
  • Water…. it’s… wonderful

So on that final note I give you a screenshot behind the cut, no spoiler related material included (unless you count a shot of water and the sun).

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Cataclysm timescales

Wrath dates (Wowwiki)

Beta opt-in : 03/July/2008
Beta opens : 17/July/2008
Code goes ‘gold’: 10/Oct/2008
Release: 13/Nov/2008

Where does that leave us with Cataclysm?  I reckon in pretty much the same place, the closed beta is over and the NDA has been lifted overnight and while there are no beta keys out yet it’s been announced that they’re selecting players.

I reckon we’re pretty much on the same timeline, with the beta getting into full swing in the next week or so and a release in November.  Guess I know what I’m getting SWMBO for her birthday again.