Evil Korenwolf

Trouserleg of time job, Korenwolf & Kaylad have pushed through to 80, they’re Paladins, they’re a good team…however… a year ago in an alternate universe the Lich King got one up on them during the scourge invasion and raised them to be part of his army.

So I present… Evil Korenwolf

He’s busy levelling with Evil Kaylad, all I can say at the moment is that tag team DKs are massively OP, they’re mashing through the content at a storming pace without having to break for anything (except maybe the Fel Reaver)

Free love

It’s been a long time coming but we finally have cleared “Share the love” in TeamTinCan. A bit on the messy side but we got him down with everyone impaled.

One more achievement on the way to the red drake.

Nexus Achievements

“Chaos Theory” & “Split Personality”

Split Personality is the simpler to deal with but will require dps control and monitoring of relative health of all three adds (name plates will help here). Blow down all three of the adds within 5 seconds of each other on both splits.

Chaos Theory is more difficult to describe but I think is easier to achieve. Firstly we need to clear the lower area of all trash as we’re likely to be kiting him around a fair bit (how long depends on boss dps). This is going to be hard on the healer.

It’s a dps race and a positioning job.

The boss is pulled and maximum dps is loaded onto him, ignore all rifts, this is where things get interesting with the number of adds we’re going to be dealing with. I would reckon we ignore the adds (other than keeping the healer clear) until he shields. Probably stacking the healer on the tank / melee is going to make life a little easier for picking them up.

When he shields everyone backs off, the tank keeps “close” to the boss, probably the top of the ramp, and everyone else (including melee) pulls back to at least 15 yards from the tank. The lighting from the rifts is a chain effect, so if the tank is taking them and melee is within 15 yards of the tank they’ll get clobbered as well.

The tank will attempt to collect the adds but will not run back to the healer to clear them, that’s a job for the dps. When he unshields (45 seconds) he’s tanked in the new position, with dps focusing on the boss.

This process repeats with the party working back down the ramps to the base level and then around the area until he’s dead.


5-man achievements

I sense the need to get some of the Red proto achievements nailed down, so assuming we can pull enough together tonight I propose getting the remaining nexus ones down as best we can. Particularly the big floaty boss who’s name I can’t remember at the moment as I know the strat on that one.

UK Heroic… the four man adventures continue

So after the weekly “locks have expired let’s kill the 10-man of choice” raid and VoA runs on the tree it decided that running the newly minted priest through a heroic would be cool.

There was some mis-communication.

So we’re piling into UK heroic, with only four of us, one of the four is a newly minted in crafted gear, with minimal experience of healing on a priest, the other three are in a mix of pre-raid and a smattering of Naxx10/25 gear.

Apart from the comedy wipe in the dragon pens it felt “easy”. The damage taken wasn’t excessive, the prince went down without any problems (stack on the tank ftw), Pinky and the Brain didn’t give any hassle and Ingvar felt positively easy.

There was less of the “insane tank charging in” and “we’re team tin can there’s no reason to run” mentality about the run but even so, I was expecting Ingvar to give us some grief.

So… four-man nexus

The one in which Maleficia takes down a dragon…

The downside, it can take an age to get OS25 up and running, I think this one took something like an hour to really get moving.  Tedium doesn’t even come close.  On the plus side Unferth didn’t even shed a leaf trying to heal it, I reckon we could have dropped a healer or two and pulled in more dps.  On the bigger upside Maleficia, fresh from her excursion into Naxx25, popped in to pew pew some dragon hide.  So that’s more Valour emblems, and we now have a fresh lockout to try and get her built up to 25 for the first piece of upgrade gear.

The weekend

On the productive side of things the networking has been re-routed so cables aren’t draping all over the place following the BT engineer’s decision to replace the master socket faceplate with one which includes a microfilter.  Power and network now route under the stairs, just need to mount the power strip on the wall and find somewhere more sensible for the router than the bottom stair.

Ulduar (Fri)
Bosses died, Thorim gave us lots of grief largely due to experience issues I suspect and some team shakeups, however we got him nailed in the end.  This meant we didn’t get to Freya.

I’m learning to hate crazy cat woman.

Ulduar (Sat)
Was spent in the car and at A&E in Plymouth, you know where else to look for more details on that fun and games (in short he’s fine).

Ulduar (Sun)
The Iron council (not too much trouble), the General (took four attempts, the first was one of those WTF moments when we wiped at > 9k health left…) and then… Yoggie.  He’s going to be a fun fight, EO hasn’t got him down yet and given that the team was heavy on the inexperienced (ie never seen it before) I think we didn’t do too badly.

The decision has been made to get Lakayla to 70 before the patch hits, so plenty of levelling time for her and Tootsy, both dinged 64 last night.

Laser Chicken… more on this soon