Preparing for travel…

As part of the “let’s have some DKs” on an alternate realm to get to the cap where we know some other people (H & C) so the question becomes, are they going to fight their way up and be self sufficient or do they get a sugar daddy? So, the decision has been made, Korengelf is packing his bags (Mal can handle the tailoring and enchanting side of the family business). So BoA gear which isn’t in use is being moved into his packs, he’ll be sent over with a pile of gold, mats, glyphs and all of that fun stuff.

Also “She who owns auction houses” will no doubt work out what is cheap on ER and expensive on AM so we can gain some extra gold that way as well.

All of which also opens up the spare slot ready for Cata for the Worgen.

So… Worgen mage appears to be on the cards.

Raiding – Preparation

Hopefully a short series of posts, partly triggered by my own experiences of joining a 25-man progression alliance, a Guildie joining for a trial and random ponderings.

So, you’ve decided that raiding is going to be your thing, you’ve committed to spending some of the hours which previous have been dedicated to questing, playing the AH and 5-man content to beating up the big bad bosses of Azeroth (and associated floating chunks of destroyed planets). Being one of the happy few with shiny achievements ahead of the bulk of the population of the game and pretty (or indeed ugly) epic gear.

Welcome, you need your head examined.

The first big leap is the mindset change, this is progression content so squeezing the last drop of heal / damage / threat out of your toon is what we’re about. It’s about learning where to stand and often more particularly where not to stand. When to move, where you should be moving to, clustered? Spread out? Stood in groups? What addons are considered mandatory, which ones are just “a good idea”?

So let’s started with some addons.
ora2: Get it, install it, move everything around.
DBM: Or the equivalent, keep it updated particularly in the period after a major content patch as it’ll be updated regularly.
Omen: Good idea, particularly for dps

Turn off addons which you don’t need when raiding. That bag mod? Not needed, questing mods, bin them and so on. Some addons do a lot of communication in the background in a raid, it might make sense to bin those as well.

The aim here is to lower the load on the system because tracking 25 players and mobs and handling communication is going to put a serious load on your machine.

Next… consumables

A lesson in shooting yourself in the foot

Nadine Dorries was on the radio earlier whining on about the current part of the expenses scandal and came out with the line that this is just like a tax code being changed and retrospectively applied for several years. So her argument is that financial matters such as tax and expenses shouldnt’ have any form of retrospective element.

Funnily enough this isn’t the line the government & parliament take when it comes to the ordinary Joe Public.

The pre-owned assets tax (“POAT”) was introduced in the tax year 2005/06 and levies a charge to income tax on some previously successful inheritance tax planning schemes which were within the rules.

It can be applied to transactions entered into since 17th March 1986.

So Nadine, up yours. The rotten parliament you and the other 645 troughers are in set the precedent here.

Icecrown loot

Information is dropping about the loot to expect in the Icecrown 5-man content.

10-man iLevel 25-man
Naxx 200
KT, EoE 213 Naxx
Ulduar 219
IC 5-man 219
Ulduar hard 226 Ulduar, KT/EoE
CC 232 Ulduar weapons
IC Heroics 232
239 Ulduar Hard
CC hard 245 CC
258 CC Hard
IC raid ??
?? IC Raid

This is definitely another stage of the gear reset to give players a chance to gear enough to make the jump into IC raids easier without having to grind all the way through Naxx, Ulduar and the Tournament. In short grinding the IC 5-man heroics will give gear of a suitable level to mash into the normal versions of the CC raids and probably just about good enough to have a pop at IC 10 man.


So some thoughts in detail on TotGC25,

1) Ouch
2) Owwww.. I have a big owwieeee

and more seriously

It’s brutal, ok EO isn’t a top flight global force but we’re not slackers either. U25 on normal is pretty much a roll through at the moment (Ignis is messy and Yoggie is still a challenge to get right but we die there because we’re not being clean / organised enough), but by the Elder gods we’ve not killed TotGC is a kick in the knotwood.

  1. The timers on this fight are going to be challenge (yay!).
    We’ve only seen the first two mini-bosses of the first fight, the second set spawns either when the first one goes down or at 2m30 from the start of the fighting.
  2. The mana usage is brutal (Druids, you have a maximum of two innervates per fight)
  3. The healing is tight, stomp is a big aoe thing, there’s fire bombs flying around (don’t stand in these for more than one tick or you’ll be a spectator) and Impale is something else.
  4. The impale and the tick damage it does kills a tank in 0.4s… human reaction time is .35s + network latency… dear gods.

Wither 3.2?

July 29th : Extended maint for instance and load issues, there’s no chance they’ll roll 3.2 at the same time
Aug 5th : Unlikely, I reckon they’ll keep this slot for possible further extended improvement work on the instance problem
Aug 12th : Possible, there’s a decent gap to Blizzcon
Aug 19th : Unlikely, Blizzcon is coming that weekend.
Aug 26th : If it’s not on the 12th it’ll be here.


Just worked it out there is only one upgrade which is better than the Pulse Baton I have for dps offspec I can find (which beats it on all stats).


I think I’ll save for the seriously expensive enchant rather than holding off for the kit upgrade.

The weekend

On the productive side of things I finally got round to sealing the holes in the new petrol cap (stupid thing came with three small vent holes meaning it pissed petrol all over the place).  the grass and nettles are now significantly shorter making it easier to chase the ducks around the garden.

In warcrack news only got a single raid in (though did get DKP for sitting standby for Friday), a new shiny dropped for the offspec (breastplate token) which is moving the DPS spec closer to something viable for a mid-raid shift if necessary.

We one-shotted the general (that was a good feeling), got through p1 & p2 on Yoggie on the first run and then proceeded to slam our faces into him for a couple of hours, best was 10% (this is a damm good improvement).

So… how is the trial going?  Pretty well it seems, Ted had a word after the Saturday raid, everything seems to be good, he’s happy.  He was watching over his other half’s shoulder for the U10 run last week where Scribe and Unferth dual healed the hardmode stuff which is normally done with three.  So, another weekend of raiding and then I should find out their judgement on the healing tree.

(For reference the hardmode run stats are on worldoflogs)