5-man content

Bold is content The Bucaneers have cleared (in various mixes and with help from our friendly Naxx geared rogue)

1. Utgarde Keep
2. The Nexus
3. Violet Hold
4. Drak’tharon Keep
5. Gundrak
6. The Culling of Stratholme
7. Halls of Stone
8. Halls of Lightning
9. Utgarde Pinnacle
10. Azjol-Nerub
11. Ahn’Kahet – The Old Kingdom
12. The Oculus

Gun’drak I think is next on the hit list.

AN Heroic

Ok, a decent repair bill but that’s what happens after multiple wipes on the end boss.

Just for the record, may his undead arse forever rot in hell.

Lessons learnt.

  1. DPS, plenty of it
  2. Ranged, forget “bring the player not the class”, it’s wrong. The correct restatement of that desire is “bring the role not the class”, this end boss requires ranged. Otherwise the player assigned to “keep the healer up” is pelting around all over the place if they’re not careful.
  3. DPS behind the boss
  4. Tank (this means me) a better eye on the cast bar and leg it when he starts casting, straight through, mouse camera turn as you’re going through, spin and attack once pound lands.
  5. Buggy graphics. When he pops back up there is a regularly a problem if the tank is too close to the center, he’ll appear to be pointing away from the tank while casing pound. The cake, as they say, is a lie. He is actually pointing at the tank.

    Solution, when the adds are down, tank moves back to the edge, boss is less confused, all are happy.

  6. Venom whatsits, stun, dps until throughly cooked.
  7. Keep adds off healer
  8. Venom thingies, did I mention that they should be killed?

All in a good, educational if expensive run. Thanks as ever to all.

Now let the critique of the tank begin 🙂