Heroics 2009/04/15

Last night’s efforts.

PUGed a VoA25, not a perfect run and nowhere near enough DPS for the new boss.

2009/04/15 VoA25

A CoS timed run with Mardia, Kenau, Kaylad, Korenwolf & Tanque, fortunately the deaths happened at Meathook so we had time to bring them back to life before the start of the second half of that section. Foul up on my part in not making the “roll need on the drake” thing from the previous night’s run (Sorry Mardia).

However we know we can blow through the instance and I think almost all of us got an upgrade or a drake.

2009/04/15 CoS Timed Run

and then a quickish DTK run, Mardia got to see the inside of the place for the first time, I think the only face pulls were mine and we’ve finally got the DK’s before the final boss understood and sorted out.

2009/04/15 DTK Heroic

5-man content

Bold is content The Bucaneers have cleared (in various mixes and with help from our friendly Naxx geared rogue)

1. Utgarde Keep
2. The Nexus
3. Violet Hold
4. Drak’tharon Keep
5. Gundrak
6. The Culling of Stratholme
7. Halls of Stone
8. Halls of Lightning
9. Utgarde Pinnacle
10. Azjol-Nerub
11. Ahn’Kahet – The Old Kingdom
12. The Oculus

Gun’drak I think is next on the hit list.

AN Heroic

Ok, a decent repair bill but that’s what happens after multiple wipes on the end boss.

Just for the record, may his undead arse forever rot in hell.

Lessons learnt.

  1. DPS, plenty of it
  2. Ranged, forget “bring the player not the class”, it’s wrong. The correct restatement of that desire is “bring the role not the class”, this end boss requires ranged. Otherwise the player assigned to “keep the healer up” is pelting around all over the place if they’re not careful.
  3. DPS behind the boss
  4. Tank (this means me) a better eye on the cast bar and leg it when he starts casting, straight through, mouse camera turn as you’re going through, spin and attack once pound lands.
  5. Buggy graphics. When he pops back up there is a regularly a problem if the tank is too close to the center, he’ll appear to be pointing away from the tank while casing pound. The cake, as they say, is a lie. He is actually pointing at the tank.

    Solution, when the adds are down, tank moves back to the edge, boss is less confused, all are happy.

  6. Venom whatsits, stun, dps until throughly cooked.
  7. Keep adds off healer
  8. Venom thingies, did I mention that they should be killed?

All in a good, educational if expensive run. Thanks as ever to all.

Now let the critique of the tank begin 🙂


Well it looks like I’ve got a bill of at least 2k gold this week, 3.1 is strongly rumoured (blue posts and all that) to drop today on the US / Oceania realms which means it hits EU tomorrow.

So, what are the plans for Clan ‘wolf?

Korenwolf, he’s a tank, he hits things, he likes hitting things but there are times when the repair bill is getting him down and he’d like to slack at the back so he’s going to learn how to be a bit more holy and a bit less “make holey” and do some healing.

Unferth, a druid, who’s name currently means “looks like we can have a bonfire lads!“, he’ll be getting back in touch with his furry side for assisting friendly mages (Maleficia) and mashing badies to make gold to feed his kit habit.

The others are just going to have to wait their turn.