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Big furry and annoying

Unferth had his first heroic last night leading from the front kicking mobs and generally trying to keep ahead of the ICC10 geared dps from the guild.  On the whole it wasn’t too bad, doubly so when it’s considered he’s not gemmed, enchanted and is still running with chicken glyphs.

I need to do more work on where the keymappings are and get the threat moves settled into my brain a little more solidly than they are at the moment.  Including getting the AoE taunt into the space place as RD is on my tankadin (keep the tanking keys mapped to “similar” abilities, that’s the trick).

In general for single target threat I had no problem keeping it off the dps, ok the warlock in the guild got close more than a few times but he can do that to ‘wolf if I’m not paying attention.

Spreading the threat love around is going to be the trick to work on, I spent a fair amount of the time picking mobs back up off the DKs because they were walloping on my off-targets which I hadn’t built huge amounts of threat on.

However all said, a good start to his tanking career.