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ChromeGnome – Attempt#1

So, the first ChromeGnome turned out to be a Worgen Hunter (why can’t gnomes be anything they like? Gnomes are the definition of all that is good (and evil) in the world). Anyway, the first few levels were no different to normal, from ~7 onwards the greens start landing and went straight to Mr/Mrs Generic Vendor for some much needed funding.

The problem turned out to be more related to my choice of toon and the unpredictability of the Battle for Gilneas where the masses of mobs decided I was tasty and the NPC army slacked off and watched.

Thus ended attempt one at the epic adventure.

Minor other problem, because I didn’t take the BOA mounts out of the mailbox to save bag space I can’t delete the toon until I get to somewhere there’s a mailbox. Which is a pain in the arse, a big one.

Attempt #2 is being planned, this time with a gnome.