Beta: Into Deepholm

It’s nice to see that Thrall has found a new job since being kicked out of Orgimar, though I’m sure an Orc of his skills could have found something more challenging.

Pilots, truely a special breed, and I mean that in the nicest possible way… nutters.

Pretty new loading screen.

Further proof that pilots shouldn’t be allowed anything sharp and should be locked up in a room where they can do no harm, see where this one parked.  Bet he gets a ticket soon.

I’ve got a theory it could be bunnies!……. wrong multiverse?  Ok… I have a theory, the shorter the female, the more “concentrated” the violence.  Here is a classic example.  Take one pissed off dwarf, one ogre and a large device designed for chopping and slicing…

I’m sure there’s a reason to go to Stormwind but I’m not sure what it is, can’t I have one back to Ironforge?

Every base in the whole world needs a shopping center, pity this one is more of a corner shop.