and the privacy disaster continues… has the details but in short, if you’re in the US and reported the Actizard RealID issue to the ESRB they decided to share your email address with everyone else who reported it.

Classy move, I call this a first class cockup, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s also why using tagged email addresses is still a good thing 15 years on from when I first started using them to work out which companies were being too free with my information.

More on the real ID fiasco when I finish writing it up, I decided to keep the 1000 or so words which I’d written already and somehow seem to have doubled it since the announcement of the climb down.  I’ll see if I can get it finished and out this week.

[Edit: 2010/07/14 – ESRB have apologised, stupid mistake but they have accepted responsibility without the normal “we apologise to anyone who might have been affected” weaselling.]