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Non-Europeans appear to have some trouble understanding the concept.  A comment I read today sums it up perfectly, in much the same way as karaoke bonds Japanese businessmen through mutual embarassment Eurovision bonds the countries who take part.

Seriously, who would take any threats from the Ukraine seriously after seeing this

Moving on to last night we must hand out the awards

“Best” Dress and “Is that hair or a replacement for the Sydney Opera House” :  Moldova

The dress, dubbed the “Volcano” last night on irc.

“Needs more coffee” : Hungary

“Was robbed!!” : Romania & Greece

First we have the Ming the Mercilless, seriously voters, were you watching the same show this should have won both on singing capability and sheer Europop camp.

Followed by the Greek Ska band

“Boy inna box does strange things” : Azerbaijan

“Contestant enjoying himself the most” : Malta

Just look at that bloody grin

And the actual winner who ticked the “Political vote” / “Brought up by the faeries” / “bouncy tune” boxes, though it is a solid “Eurovision” tune so it was a good winner.  Oh drums and a tin whistle.