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Update and ‘Fields of Green’

Well, I think it can be conclusively said that the camera is in use. I’m going to be hitting the stretch goal of “something worth putting up” every day for the next month or two without really stretching things. There are photos already queued up to the middle of August on DeviantArt and ~50 shots waiting on final filtering and processing on the system and a further 20 uploaded to sta.sh ready for scheduling.

Oh and tomorrow I’m planning on hitting the Kilver Court Garden which will probably mean more pixels being sacrificed to the gods of imaging.

Today I spent a couple of hours wandering around fields near Mells trying to find something I spotted on wikimapia.


The foliage and nettles stopped me getting as close as I wanted, however photos were taken and the surrounding area provided some further material for the brain which is starting to see the world purely as “will this make a good photo?”

Also a thanks to everyone who has been flagging my posts with ‘like’ and following this blog.