Mission Accomplished

At the beginning of October I set myself a challenge of “just how easy is it to make gold in this game”, prior to this point gold had come in through a mix of dungeons, selling stuff picked up, flogging off stuff farmed up and so on.  Nothing special and over the course of the expansion I went from ~30k at the start to 100k.

From the start of October the money machine was put into gear, investing daft amounts of gold into ore, grinding it through the JC and Enchanter and selling on blue quality cuts and enchanting mats.

As of last night (just under four months on) the gold loving dwarf had half a million to go impersonate Scrooge Mcduck with.

Naturally the alts were not impressed with having their savings raided so he could strut his stuff, but would you argue with a plate covered tankadin on a mission to pub crawl his way around Ironforge (I say crawl, what I mean is dive into the first in and drink it dry and pass out of course).

So, where next.

Firstly to everyone who claims it is too hard to make gold, I respond “rubbish”.  Just from questing, farming and selling anything which moves everyone can have enough gold for mounts, riding skill and repairs.  The game is designed that way, long gone are the days of epic gold grinds to get that first mount.

Secondly begging in Stormwind, not classy particularly in the time you spend begging it is possible to make the gold through questing / dungeons etc etc.  Just get a grip and be self supporting.

Finally, yes I have plans for the gold.  No I’m not telling you yet.

Let’s talk gold

As a dwarf I have a certain affinity to the shiny metal.  As a guild leader I believe it’s my right, nay, it’s my duty to go skinny dipping in the guild reserves in a manner which is reminiscent of Scrooge McDuck.  Though the guild banker does mutter and curse about having to go in and polish all the coins after I’m done for the day.

Anyway it would appear from the complaining on trade, level 85’s begging for gold and so on that making gold is hard.  That amassing enough for basic survival within the game is highly difficult.

To all those who don’t have gold I say “Stop drinking in Ironforge“, surely everyone knows by now that the innkeepers charge everyone, except dwarves, higher rates for beer.

Anyway.  Ways to make piles of gold.

  1. Levelling
    It really is that simple, a recent experiment with power levelling a warrior, ignoring professions, ignoring gathering, nuking through the levels as fast as possible left me with a level 85 sat on his epic pony at epic speeds and 2k in the bank.If I had done some more work, had him gathering through the levels and clearing Northrend and the whole of Cataclysm the pile of gold would have been much higher.
  2. Sell everything
    BoE items, check the AH, and see what similar items go for.
    BoP items, where you don’t need the reward always select the most expensive
    Pick up and vendor all greys
    Vendor any potions you don’t use, they don’t sell on the AH
    Cloth, if you’re not using it, slap it on the AH
    It’s pretty clear to see the plan here, everything has a value, the coppers add up.
  3. Bags, invest in them
    Invest in at least 16 slot bags as soon as possible, carry the minimum of equipment and other stuff, clear out the junk every time you reach a vendor or mailbox.
  4. Banking Alt
    This is a key, no one wants to break their levelling to play the AH.  So ship everything off to the alt and bulk list at the start or end of the session.
  5. Dungeons
    At cap these are worth a decent amount of cash, particularly for tanks and healers who don’t have the queue times.
  6. Professions
    There are guides a-plenty out there on making gold from your professions, however remember that for certain gold making schemes various professions link very nicely together (mining / blacksmithing / enchanting for example).  Experiment, look at what’s needed on the AH and how that can be provided.  Spreadsheets are your friend.
  7. You don’t need to be a millionaire
    For most players having 20k or so is actually more than enough.  Raiders can burn through more and feed back into the economy by spending large wedges of cash on gear at the start of each patch grabbing BoE items.  Work out how much gold you need, put in that much effort and be happy.  Gold envy isn’t important, having enough so there’s no repair stress is.