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It’s not dead it’s just resting

This is pretty much how I’m feeling about LFD at the moment, anything other than certain normals are simply too much pain with a group which I don’t have a connection and more importantly voice comms running.

So if you’re running a dps and wondering where the tanks and healer are, here is your answer, the dungeons are no longer a faceroll, cc is needed, sensible pulling is needed and everyone has to do their thing and notstandinfire/runfromadds/dpsadds/movetothegood/etc.

In LFD there are too many of all roles (tanks included) who have not yet adjusted from the Wrath “we are all gods” mechanic of the last six months of the expansion where it was almost possible to solo heroics.


Also known as the mating call of the “lesser spotted dps”, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this sub-species of DPS hasn’t learnt yet that while potentially attracting other DPS mates it is the equivalent of nails on the blackboard to all tanks so far catalogued by science.

Trust your tank, when he’s ready he’ll pull and if he’s suitably geared he’ll merrily chain pull the instance to the limits of the healer, trust that the tank is going to be pulling the packs in a controlled manner.  Yes we love the way you spam your AoE attacks, but they don’t actually cut down the damage the packs are doing right until they all drop at once, so it’s not quicker to pull the entire room at once and will probably annoy the healer (also not a good thing).

Pulling the final boss with pets and Army of Aggro is a bad thing, dear dead things your army is the awesome but there are times when it should be sat reading a book and that for you is “most of the time”, particularly on dragons and bosses which do a directional aoe attack (Invgar, Anub etc etc).

So, please follow the tank, nuke the things he’s hitting and ignore everything else, trust us they’ll be served up for your dps meters soon.

5-man content

Bold is content The Bucaneers have cleared (in various mixes and with help from our friendly Naxx geared rogue)

1. Utgarde Keep
2. The Nexus
3. Violet Hold
4. Drak’tharon Keep
5. Gundrak
6. The Culling of Stratholme
7. Halls of Stone
8. Halls of Lightning
9. Utgarde Pinnacle
10. Azjol-Nerub
11. Ahn’Kahet – The Old Kingdom
12. The Oculus

Gun’drak I think is next on the hit list.