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A statement from your tanks

This is a statement I can sign up to, I’ve been avoiding PUGs on my tank like the proverbial plague.  Simply put I’m going to let a bunch of dps who just want to concentrate on their rotation ruin the game for me, I’ll be sticking to guild only runs (doesn’t matter which one, I’ve two to choose from) where I know I can get people on vent/teamspeak, shout out what I’m doing know that CC will happen without me having to demand it and so on.

We, the Tanks, are not born with the infinite knowledge of how to perfectly tank everything and are not born with the gear of the gods. Your constant demeaning, insulting and outright aggression of would be Tanks will not create more or better tanks but only less tanks.

Those of us who will survive this crucible of hatred you are putting us through will emerge as your new Gods and Overlords. And we shall be as cruel as and as merciless as you have made us. You shall kiss our feet, speak only when allowed to and above all, obey our every command to the letter, lest you shall be sent to the voids of the groupless, there to wait for as long as your gods please.

Be warned that unless you change your ways henceforth, the next two-year will be a living hell for you.

Signed Morehnai, Tank of Silvermoon

The heroics rock, they also hurt.  They also rock a lot.

My favourite encounter so far from a tanking perspective has the dragon boss (the one with shifting winds) in Vortex Pinnacle.  It requires a stack of awareness, movement, threat monitoring, and trying to keep the boss pointing in the direction where the dps are gonig to get the minimum of pain.

With a PUG it’s going to be a wipefest, even once some serious overgearing happens.

So, dear LFD please start treating everyone in the group with respect, start doing more than just nuking and use your brains.  This is the excellent aspect of the new instances, they require thought.  Do that and I’ll tank for you day and night.