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So according to the automatic recommendations this should have been catagorised as “People / Artistic Nude” at DA. I mean there’s a whole thing about the naked wood and how firm things are but really?

Anyway, second in the short series of shots looking at a Groyne with wood (see what I did there?)

Abandoned farm building

Today’s offering is from the other side of the building, a far less brooding image showing just how much nature has colonised the stonework.

This is actually the second version, the other one (consigned to the depths of my disk now) is cropped harder at the top, this crop is actually almost as shot, I’ve lost a little of the top while keeping a standard print aspect ratio.

Continuous development

Today’s offering

“Buildings are never static, even though we’ve become really good at hiding the joins and making the new match with the old. Given the area this building is probably in the region of 100-250 years old with at least three phases of build I can make out in the stone work.”

Actually the more I look at that I’m wondering whether the building had been abandoned and rebuilt at a later point.