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Recruitment drive

It’s been a while since my last decent update but things have been happening in game and out. However the focus of today’s piece of crafted stuff is guild recruitment, and particularly.. getting more bodies into the raids I’m leading 🙂

So, the sales pitch.

Immune to Psychology is a small friendly guild on Earthen Ring EU (Alliance side) with both a social aspect and 10-man raiding focus.  We need you to help us with beating up the big and the bad of Cataclysm.  Raiding on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights.

We are recruiting all roles but especially need melee and Healers. We are looking for skilled raiders who are committed to progression, know their class and always strive to improve. Cataclysm raid experience is helpful but not essential so long as you can show a knowledge of your class, practical application and have gear which is ready for raiding at the current level.

Raiding Schedule

Invites at 20:15
Pull at 20:30
Finish at 22:00 on Wednesday and Sunday, 22:30 on Friday
(All times given as server time)

Websites and other stuff

Check out our website for more information, policies and our application form

Baradin Hold

A mix of a raiding guild run with the addition of Kaylad wandered into Baradin Hold for the first time (Alliance on my realm is … “ineffective” at PvP) to have a quick look at Pit Lord Argaloth

So what did we learn?

  1. Trash
    The trash does a debuff, the debuff hurts like hell, it can one shot a tank doing around 500k damage.
    It stings a little.
  2. Argaloth
    The slash debuff hurts but is controllable with communication between the tanks, prompt taunting and intelligent use of cooldowns (other tank taunts, blow three stacks on Word of Glory, spam CS to get HRP up to three stacks ready to taunt and blow shield as an instant burst of threat). 

    The fel firestorm is actually easy enough to handle, stand still watch for a meteor coming down on your head, move before it lands into clear space, rinse, repeat.  The two teams then form back up, make sure the tanks are communicating to ensure they know which one is picking up.

After about 4-5 pulls we hit the enrage.

Next step for the team, more hit on the dps, more D on the dps, come back and kill him.

HRP – Holy Rogue Power

Enter the DestroGnome

I’ve been debating for a while what should be my second toon to pushed through in Cata, the one which gets the solo treatment and probably nearly as much gearing attention as my tanking main.  Based on recent experience with Wubbles has sealed the deal, the warlock (one of the classes I had originally pegged as “not a hope of ever reaching the level cap”) will be fighting the good fight and looking for some serious face time with the nasties following the Shattering.

Last night was a ITP / Nosferatu mixed run starting at our mate Arthas, I reckon that this little gnome held up the honour of gnomes everywhere by nuking his heart out.  No major mistakes and plenty of raw damage landing where it should.

The experience in the beta has also been pretty solid, Wubbles made 85 in Uldum without any serious problems and has been having a great time in the normal mode dungeons.  CC is essential and easy enough to handle, though I possibly need so more macros to make things even easier.

So roll on two weeks time and the entry of DestroGnome!

Raiding Guilds

It remains a period of change in Warcrack at the moment, with players coming and going, mostly going to be honest.  Yet again I join a guild and one of the core officers drops a few weeks later, so just bad timing or is the universe conspiring against me.  Does this actually change anything, well that’ll depend on whether the feel of the raids themselves alters in a manner which I’m not comfortable with.

Onward tanks, you only have your durability to loose!

Team Pirate : Ulduar, facetime with Yoggie

As predicted, we came, we saw, we had our arses kicked but he might well be ours next week.

This was our first serious week on Yoggie, after nuking down the weekly (FL) on 25-man we decamped back into our 10-man raid and wandered down for some ‘discussion’ with the old god on the nature of the universe.

Phase 1 :  Dances with Guardians

We’re getting better, of the course of our normal raid (3hrs) we went from “dying to lots and lots of guardians” to “only getting a couple of extras at the end of the phase”.  The critical thing to learn is if it looks like you “might just get through that gap” then there isn’t sufficient room and go round the long way.  Yogg is a survival fight, it’s about control and making sure that each phase has it’s issue kept under control.

So take your time, wait for the mobs to reach the Sara tank.  The “collecting” tank will be wandering around as needed, don’t pewpew his mobs as he’ll be more interested in moving safely than holding onto them against aggressive DPS.

Phase 2 : Tentacles?  When did this become Anime?

Avoid constrictors where possible, do your own damage to constrictors rather than passively waiting to be released (easier for casters than melee types).  One tank (and only one) is needed on the Crushers to dance in to interupt the channelled spell, the rest of the melee should be on the Corruptor.  Ideally this is where our bear tank goes kitty for some extra damage.  Portal people, take the time to get into place before they spawn, this gives more time in the illusion and therefore more time on the brain.

More brain time means we have more clean up time outside and a shorter overall P2, this is good.

Sanity.  Particularly for portal people, get out before the cast is finished, if this means cancelling a spell, go for it, run away.  Spend time standing in pretty green, it’s nice.

Phase 3 : Errr… what, we got here?

This was the (very pleasant) surprise of the raid.  We managed to burn into Phase 3, which did have it’s downside as we han’t briefed on it.

Phase 3 is about raw numbers on the boss, keeping the guardians tanked and being focus fired down in order and sanity, watch the sanity.

Where do we go from here

More practice and I reckon we have ourselves some Old God Sushi.

Then Razorscale & The Council and we have ourselves a cleared instance.

Team Pirate : Yogg Saron

Ladies, Gentlemen and Gnomes.

This is our target, take a good look and then go drink something strong.

Yogg Saron, The old god of death, or as we will be referring to him from this point on “Yoggie“.

Firstly a video

Now, some tactic guides, I’m going to be following these pretty much out of the box, with some juggling of who goes where in P2.,

Portal positions for Phase 2, I can’t find a decent image online yet which shows the 10-man positions, just the 25-man.  Once we’re getting to that part of P2 regularly we’ll sort out exactly where they are and how it’s going to actually work in reality.

The key to the portals is for those designated to go down to be at the portal positions for when they spawn (no running to them after the spawn, watch your timers) and be nuking as hard as possible in the illusion and brain room and get out before the timer ticks.

The outline plan is

  • Plenty of wiping on Yoggie so we can learn the fight, three phases and an enrage of 15 minutes if  I recall correctly.
  • Raid breaks – So we can get a kill in to break the wiping pain
    • Ignis
    • Razorscale
    • Iron Council
    • Onyxia
    • Obsidian Sanctum

Team Pirate : Ulduar 10 pt3

Amazing progress this week.

Mimiron – two shotted, though it was damm close at the end with tank, healer and one ranged dps left standing.  I think the final part went down a second before the self-repair happened.

Freya – Two shotted, and a damm clean kill at that.

Vezax – Two shotted, it felt a little tight at the end due to some mana issues (as ever only two of the raid had ever seen him in any depth), but a dead boss is dead.

Yoggie – We died, multiple times.

So initial plan for next week.

Yogg-Saron, plenty of wiping and learning on his many and varied abilities.

Homework will be put up here soon, including links to the guides, videos and random commentry.

Loin-girding – Build up those funds, make sure enchants and gems are polished and let’s put an old god’s head on a spike!

Guilds, kids and attitude

Firstly a disclaimer / declaration of interest : I am a gamer, as if you hadn’t all guessed, like Larísa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn I’m not in the middle of the age distribution curve for Warcraft players (or indeed gamers) and base10 no longer holds much atttraction when adding up the years I’ve been lurking on this ball of rock.  I also have kids, one of whom is a massive disappointment and hasn’t levelled past 20 (just kidding… I think) and the other who while hating the whole levelling thing does have multiple 80’s two of which are raiding quality (tank & heals).  None of the below is a comment on anything other than what is drifting through my mind, extrapolation is purely in the mind of the beholder.

Anyway, back to the focus of this post.  Kids & Guilds, do they mix?

The answer, naturally, is variable and depends on what the guild is like, what the makeup of players is like and what everyone include the younger members and their parents are expecting from the guild.

Availability / Reliability

As with many of the topics I’m going to cover this does apply to adults as well as minors, though with minors the issues may be more acute.  As a general rule those under 18 (and to a certain level under 22) are not in full control of their lives, chores at home, demands to get bedrooms tidied, groundings, homework and social lives tend to get in the way of a fixed raiding schedule.  Those of lesser years have, generally, a lesser capability to shuffle demands on their lives to fit around the schedule and parents can be justifiably grumpy when said teen is busy raiding when they’ve failed to find the floor in their bedroom.

The manifestation of this problem with adults tends to focus more on work and relationship related issues.


To be honest this tends to be an excuse for keeping sub-18’s out of raid groups, my personal experience is that there are more jokes / comments about parts of the body from the mid-20’s than from the teenagers.  The teens do tend to be less able to keep their mouths shut at times, but this is also a stereotype which applies to some and not others.  What is more likely to be true is that minors haven’t fully built their mental filters on what to say and what not to, when to shut up before sticking their size nine’s into their mouths and do not have the life experience and ways of handling social situations with a group who’s age range may cover 3-4 decades.


The worry here is usually about the older members of the group and either not wanting to control their language to a more U or PG rated level.  Parents will also have concerns about what little Johnny or Jane is hearing over vent or indeed whether there are some of those evil interweb perverts within the raid group.  The former concern from the group is one which they need to make a decision on.  Either “keep vent & chat clean”, “keep it clean when you know ‘foo’ is online” through to “We do not moderate our language, we expect a parental decision on this” to “we’re not taking the risk of a shouty parent, no kids”.

The latter concern is a real risk but the level of the risk is low, despite what the media is happy to tell everyone the internet is not full of perverts, or at least not full of perverts out looking to groom children for abuse.  This does not mean that the risk is not there or that there aren’t any on WoW on the lookout for minors who haven’t got enough life experience to take their own precautions.  The options open to the parents here are “ban the child from wow”, seriously, if as a parent you are that concerned about internet perverts I’m expecting you to take that responsibility seriously and either monitor properly or keep them off the network & game.

Or alternatively take on the task of educating your child, instil in them from an early age what the risks are and what to watch for, make sure they are aware they can talk to you about everything.  Put in structures to monitor their usage until they’re old enough (when is a decision for each parent and each child).  Make sure that they know that “friend” on FaceMyLiveRealIDBook doesn’t actually mean anything, friending someone does not mean that they are a friend, it means they can see your content on that site.  Nothing more.  That the Hot Night Elf chick dancing with no clothes on could be a 50 year old bloke, or indeed his grandmother.

In short, either wrap them in cotton wool or educate them to protect themselves (remember, the job of a parent is to make themselves redundant, ideally within 18 years).


Completely unrelated to age in my opinion, in all age brackets there are good players and bad, there are those capable of progression raiding and those not.  I’ve encountered kids playing who I don’t want to be anywhere near, who think that epics is the same as a good player, I’ve encountered DKs popping 900 dps in epics who’s age I have no idea of, I’ve seen adults who simply can’t grasp the mechanics of how to get the most from their class.  On the flip side I’ve seen teenagers tank Yoggie with no problems, be spot on with dps and so on, the point is pretty clear.  Competence has nothing to do with age, reaction times might slow with age, however with age comes experience which allows for better forward planning, neither of these is necessarily true.

Kids in a guild, any guild

Really it’s up to the guild, want kids in, don’t want kids in, it’s a decision for the GM and the collective mind of the guild, nothing more, nothing less, anyway there is no age verification in WoW how do you know that 19 year old isn’t really 15 with a really creative backstory.

Team Pirate – Ulduar pt2

We came, we saw and we died a fair bit.

On the plus side Crazy Cat Lady, Hodir & Thorim all fell before us.  Mimiron, who was always going to be a tough cookie, we got down to ~20% multiple times.  It’s clear that we need more practice on him and more awareness on the part of melee (including both tanks) when the shock is going to happen to get well clear before it pops.  For reference it walloped ‘wolf for 72k after mitigation which hurts a little.

We also need the extra head for dps numbers, looking back on Hodir we had two problems, people dying to not getting on the snow quickly enough (also some problems with the frost nova spell which locks people down) and not breaking the icicles quickly enough.

Thorim just needed some tweaking to get the balance between the arena and passage right, an error in my initial planning there.

So, what next, next sunday the initial plan (Pirates, let me know if there are any other suggestions)

  • Weekly raid quest
  • Mimiron
  • Freya
  • Ignis
  • Vezax

If it looks like we’re on a roll we might go straight in to have a look at Vezax once Freya & Mimiron are down.

[World of Logs report : U10 pt1 pt2 / TotC10]