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Garden update

The veg is doing well, we have ripening strawberries, peas and the cut-and-come-again continues to provide random snacking for me while I’m in the greenhouse.  However, on that front I have to report that the greenhouse has been killed (it’s a plastic cover job) by the local fourlegged evils.  Sharp claws, a convient drop point from my utility roof and plastic do not mix, so on Sunday I moved all the tools and stuff being stored in it back to the shed (the leather gloves were soaked, we’ll see if they dry properly) and removed the cover and cut a piece to protect the metal shelving from the weather.

Thank you local cat owners.  Oh and as various additional methods for repelling your pets from crapping in my garden have failed I’m moving up a notch to the more offensive tools such as the sonic repellers.  Subtle hints do not appear to work for these buggers.  Any recommendations on things which do work and keep the little buggers out of my garden would be appreciated.

Review: Vitax Pepper Dust

As with all reviews, this is a personal opinion from my experiences, your experience may / will vary. Unfortunately this isn’t a positive review, as the dust hasn’t managed to shift a particularly persistent moggie or two from a patch of my garden which they appear to think is their personal litter tray.

So nice idea, eco friendly and all that is good, but effectiveness 2/10 at best.


Veg:The cut and come again has gone “mental”, I think we could feed a warren of bunnies this year if we decided to.  The tomatoes are growing well, I’ve moved one set from one side of the lawn to the other for better sunlight.

The ongoing war with the local moggies is escalating, I’m dousing the herb bed with pepper dust now to see if that stops the little bastards from digging everything up and killing off my plants.  I shall no doubt rant at length about pet owners who disown all responsibility of their pets behaviour and actions because “it’s their nature”.

The plants in the plastic greenhouse are doing very well, I need more greenhouse space I think, something for the medium term planning.


Clearing continues, I need to whack it with another (stronger) dose of the weedkiller.


The teracotta strawberry planter has been brought back into service as a herb planter (coriander, lemon balm, mint and chives).  Which makes a little more space in the greenhouse thingy for the others and the replanting of some things into larger containers.

Garden update and plans


We need to lift and re-bed a good number of the flags, the muppets who put the patio down did it on little pillars of cement, so over time the bond has broken and they all shift but with nothing underneath to support them.  A job through the summer I think.  The plastic greenhouse continues to be a fixture which means I’m finally getting my arse back into gear on the veg front.


The seeds and seedlings have been planted, the cut and come again is taking off nicely, the toms are firming up and I’m planning on planting them out at the weekend into growbags.   The herbs are mostly going to end up in the raised bed, there’s space in there now, but not the mint.. oh no…


The clearing is continuing, I need another good weekend and then a spray with the “kill everything” weed killer to properly get it into the shape we need for the Summer house & decking project.

Finally… we introduce our favourite little unwelcome guest, Galium aparine, now to work out how to get rid of the damm stuff without having to kill everything within a five mile radius.