Is on the slow side generally at the moment as the guild is even more short handed than normal. So ‘wolf has been largely on the bench just in case a guild tank is needed. On the plus side Unferth has been stretching his legs, providing healing in another stack of instances on Saturday.

AN : More trouble than before, the dps race on the first boss pack was just too much for him to handle on his own, fortunately the boomkin was a wonderful person who flipped to tree for the first boss. We got mashed on Hadronox but that’s because she bugged and we had to pull with all the adds as well. No problems on the second (clean) pull though. On the plus side kitty form kit dropped.

UP : He healed UP without any problems. Took two passes at Skaldi, but he’s a sod anyway and it was the first time the tank had tried tanking that boss.

Naxx 10

Tanque pulled together a pugged naxx10 run, it was made clear as things warmed up that, “No, not everyone has been in here”. As we progressed through it became clear that at least two of the team either ignored that message or have the mindset “but everyone has run naxx”. Oh well.

Multiple wipes as I learnt the boss fights, this was not to be unexpected.

There was a particularly “interesting” moment when the (fortunately) weaker of the healers managed to drop into auto-run just outside the room containing Grand Widow Faerlina. Before we had start to pull any of the trash. Naturally this event resulted in us pulling the entire room except the boss. We survived, two healers, tank (me) and a warlock I think. It was frantic.

In the plague quarter things start to go pear shaped. Apparently “target skull” means “target something randomly” which is a problem with the gargoyles. A ready check + “Pulling” as a raid warning isn’t apparently enough information to get people rolling into Noth’s room (two left outside including the OT).

The safety dance is a swine, by which point I was tired and unfortunately Tanque got some of that. Anyway that’s where it fell apart, I mostly got the function of the dance right (that’s simple enough) however I stressed the healers by running him too close to the platform (there’s a spell affecting debuff).

We will be back, we won’t be back with a couple of the team under any conditions because they’ve got a massively high opinion of themselves while being bottom of their respective stats.