Poor old ‘wolf, it looks like he’s being benched as far as progression goes. That upstart with the silly ears, glowing eyes and head up where the air is thin has bounced into the frame from nowhere, made loads of friends by stopping them dying, no one ever thanks the meatshield for keeping the mobs at bay… oh no, and been given a chance at driving back the forces controlled by Yoggie.

So, what now for wolfie? Keeping the likes of Yimron under control, beating up the prison inmates in the Violet Hold and generally running around doing the chores to keep the gold flowing so the upstart nelf is kept in the manner to which he has rapidly become acustomed to.

Dear RL….

Here’s a hint, pulling the whole “link achievement” thing is lame. Also kicking members without checking whether they were in the right gear is also lame. Lying about it is not only lame but it means I assume I cannot trust you with loot.

Have fun in VoA, here’s hoping Emalon owns your arse.


Spent a bit of lunchtime looking through the armoury, imba and wow_heroes. It seems (once you filter for the number of real people behind toons) that we can probably fill seven of the 10 slots in OS10 with toons flagged as capable. Covering almost all the main slots (Normal make up is 2-3 healers, 2 tanks, 5-6 dps).

So I reckon we try and pull together a guild run of Sarth sometime after raid reset on Wednesday morning.

Initial line up (assuming people are interested) in my mind is

  • Bannog (dps)
  • Kaylad (heal)
  • Korenwolf (MT)
  • Mardia (dps)
  • Peterselie (heal)
  • Sangamon (dps)
  • Tanque (OT)

Leaving dps slots and maybe a healer, and I reckon we could pug in some of the people we’ve run with before for those slots.

[Edit: 1x Tank healer + 1-2x Raid healers, so possibly we’re looking at Kayla/Peterselie + Unferth + PUGged (shammie)]

Ups, downs, achievements

On the upside Unferth continues his growth, one more emblem of valour and he’s getting a new cloak which is green across the board as upgrades go. With any luck he’ll be able to pick up a Naxx25 man where they need a spare healer for a partly complete run before the reset. Failing that it’s back into VoA25 & OS25 for him. Oh and thanks to the new Mr Puggable in VoA he has some Emblems of Conquest. I’ll start trying to get Kaylad through some of the 10 & 25 man puggables to get the emblem stockpile built up.

‘Wolf had a variable time of it. The particular low point was a OS25 pug, where he simply couldn’t get the adds on Sarth rounded up, more practice is required.


Yet another tank…

Ok I admit it, melee dps isn’t something which sits that well with me. So Unferth got around 1,300 gold spent on him and a pile of mats out of various banks and he’s now geared enough to tank heroics (certainly well enough to start building up drop gear to switch out the resto stuff).

So… as a guild we’re not short on healing capacity or nutters willing to stand front and center.