Easy gold, Brewfest

Direbrew is a faceroll this year, I think he spent the period since the last Brewfest sampling his own brew rather than in the BRD gym working out.  Anyway what this currently means is a LFD queue of no more than 2 minutes on any alt, boss death within 30 seconds (typically within 15) and 20g and the chance of epics.

Currently I’m clearing approx 140g / day for 30 minutes of alt hopping.

Team Pirate : Yogg Saron

Ladies, Gentlemen and Gnomes.

This is our target, take a good look and then go drink something strong.

Yogg Saron, The old god of death, or as we will be referring to him from this point on “Yoggie“.

Firstly a video

Now, some tactic guides, I’m going to be following these pretty much out of the box, with some juggling of who goes where in P2.



Portal positions for Phase 2, I can’t find a decent image online yet which shows the 10-man positions, just the 25-man.  Once we’re getting to that part of P2 regularly we’ll sort out exactly where they are and how it’s going to actually work in reality.

The key to the portals is for those designated to go down to be at the portal positions for when they spawn (no running to them after the spawn, watch your timers) and be nuking as hard as possible in the illusion and brain room and get out before the timer ticks.

The outline plan is

  • Plenty of wiping on Yoggie so we can learn the fight, three phases and an enrage of 15 minutes if  I recall correctly.
  • Raid breaks – So we can get a kill in to break the wiping pain
    • Ignis
    • Razorscale
    • Iron Council
    • Onyxia
    • Obsidian Sanctum

The demise of portal hubs

Amid much wailing and enashing of teeth of the beta forums the plugs have been pulled from the portals in Dalaran and Shatrath and some nice new trainers installed for those levelling out there, I’m expecting this to tie in with cold weather trainers out in the starting Wrath zones to allow simple access to Dalaran.

This is simply a change to prevent Dalaran from remaining the default travel hub for all traffic in WoW, in much the same way as everyone moved from Azeroth to Outlands, and then from Outlands to Northrend, we’re now being told “pack your bags, back to Azeroth”.  No one should be surprised in the least by this change, I’m certainly not I was wondering how Blizz were going to solve the problem of the bulk of the community remaining in Northrend.

We now know, problem solved.

“I have to travel places!”
“It takes too long!”

and so on… well suck it up people, there’s a quick route to the dark portal from all the major cities, with flying it’s even easier to get there, and let’s be honest without the portal hub being there who is going to want to be lurking around Dalaran anyway?

Team Pirate : Ulduar 10 pt3

Amazing progress this week.

Mimiron – two shotted, though it was damm close at the end with tank, healer and one ranged dps left standing.  I think the final part went down a second before the self-repair happened.

Freya – Two shotted, and a damm clean kill at that.

Vezax – Two shotted, it felt a little tight at the end due to some mana issues (as ever only two of the raid had ever seen him in any depth), but a dead boss is dead.

Yoggie – We died, multiple times.

So initial plan for next week.

Yogg-Saron, plenty of wiping and learning on his many and varied abilities.

Homework will be put up here soon, including links to the guides, videos and random commentry.

Loin-girding – Build up those funds, make sure enchants and gems are polished and let’s put an old god’s head on a spike!