Strike action and Westminster weasels

Some numbers.

Quorum for votes in the House of Commons, 40.
Quorum for votes in the House of Lords, 30.
So respectively votes of 21 and 16 are needed for a motion to pass, this is for legislation which affects the UK.  This is the level at which our politicians think it is ok for them to make decisions on our behalf.

2015 general election, numbers (wikipedia); Overall turnout 66.1%; Conservatives 11.3M votes, 36.9% of the cast votes (~28% of electorate)

Now compare this with what they are proposing for the unions, double standards from our elected lords and masters, yeah.  Not surprised at all.

Election Fact Check

This graphic is doing the rounds, in the interests of getting rid of the bullshit (taking a lesson from the awesome Full Fact & The Last Leg) I detest infographics which do not provide their sources so I can check for bullshit or bias.


Who From To Party Rebellions Attendance Teller
Clegg 6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 LDem 1 vote out of 264, 0.4% 264 votes out of 1239, 21.3% 0 times
Cameron 6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 Con 2 votes out of 202, 1.0% 202 votes out of 1239, 16.3% 0 times
Osborne 6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 Con 8 votes out of 318, 2.5% 318 votes out of 1239, 25.7% 0 times
May 6 May 2010 30 Mar 2015 Con 6 votes out of 597, 1.0% 597 votes out of 1239, 48.2% 0 times

Based on the information from Public Whip the claim is pretty spot on based on the number of rebellions against votes attended.  Had Clegg found his courage (maybe that’s what the other parties bring to the LDs while they’re providing a heart or brain) and attended more of the votes the rebellion rate might have been higher.

Clegg :
Cameron :
Osborne :
May :