Enter the dagger wielding gnome…

My gnomish rogue finally hit 80 yesterday, it’s been a long road for him even with a massive RAF boost.  For a hellishly long time I simply couldn’t get my head around the whole sneak in, stun, stab stab stab thing or how to deal with those occasions when it goes horribly wrong.  On the paladin it was simple enough, pray and run as fast as my legs could carry me while hoping like hell the armour would save my hide from a corpse run.

I have however finally worked out the whole “stun on the pull”, “stun as the stun wears off”, “stun again” and so on all the while stabbing away.

He’s now chain running heroics as much as he can for gear and I’m working out the change in rotation and approach needed for tank focused damage rather than “solo surivial”, it’s nice to get the one class to 80 which I thought would fester as my banking alt until the end of time.  As with all alts in Wrath gearing to the higher levels of content is a dream, I’m hoping this isn’t nerf too heavily in Cataclysm as it will gimp the ability to do anything interesting with alts without sinking vast amounts of time into running the earlier raids.

Where next?

I’ve three slots which aren’t capped:

  • Hunter:75, I’m not actually enjoying playing him at the moment, there’s a strong temptation to realm change him (again) out onto the ‘other’ realm I lurk on and re-roll something completely new.
  • Shammie:34, I’m in two minds here do I keep pushing him as he is or wait until Cata and roll up a dwarf shammie for levelling through the reconstructed world.  I may do both so I can experienment with Shaman healing before cata.
  • Mage:7, she’s my slacking alt, nothing much planned as she’s scheduled for an untimely end at launch to become a worgen.

In the meantime there’s always the gearing grind and the beta.