Beta: Paladin levelling

Only a few quick comments at the moment.  The tag team paladins have teamed up on the Beta and are trying a prot/ret approach to the wrecking ball (we rolled through Wrath as Prot / Holy), it’s working well.  As ever two paladins are a awesome combination, we turn up and things die, what I am having to watch more than in the past is my health, the mobs are hitting hard and to be honest I’m out of practice in keeping a eye on my health having been out of the levelling game on him for 18 months or so.  Doing dungeons and raids does actually require a certain degree of “other than when my health alarm pings I do not worry about my health, my job is keeping my mitigation and threat up to stop the mobs eating the healer, the healer is focused on my health”.  So I’ve died more while levelling than I should due to a “I’m a tank, of course I can… ouch”.

Anyway, Deepholm is nice, pretty and it’s good to see a horde airship smashed into pieces, just as things should be.  The story in the quest lines is working, I’m looking forward to running through it more once the final, non-bugged, version drops in the shops.