Team Pirate – Ulduar pt2

We came, we saw and we died a fair bit.

On the plus side Crazy Cat Lady, Hodir & Thorim all fell before us.  Mimiron, who was always going to be a tough cookie, we got down to ~20% multiple times.  It’s clear that we need more practice on him and more awareness on the part of melee (including both tanks) when the shock is going to happen to get well clear before it pops.  For reference it walloped ‘wolf for 72k after mitigation which hurts a little.

We also need the extra head for dps numbers, looking back on Hodir we had two problems, people dying to not getting on the snow quickly enough (also some problems with the frost nova spell which locks people down) and not breaking the icicles quickly enough.

Thorim just needed some tweaking to get the balance between the arena and passage right, an error in my initial planning there.

So, what next, next sunday the initial plan (Pirates, let me know if there are any other suggestions)

  • Weekly raid quest
  • Mimiron
  • Freya
  • Ignis
  • Vezax

If it looks like we’re on a roll we might go straight in to have a look at Vezax once Freya & Mimiron are down.

[World of Logs report : U10 pt1 pt2 / TotC10]

7 thoughts on “Team Pirate – Ulduar pt2”

  1. You’re extending the lockout? I was going to suggest that so we can have a go at getting somewhere *g* It’s not as if most of us need drops from there, after all.

    1. Yup, I’m planning on extending again, and continuing to do so until we have the head of an old god in our hands.

  2. Hmmm… Thinking on this a bit more. Could we make a hilt-farming expedition a regular event in H PoS? Perhaps as an after-raid cooldown exercise? I *want* a battered hilt.

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