Team Pirate : Ulduar 10 pt3

Amazing progress this week.

Mimiron – two shotted, though it was damm close at the end with tank, healer and one ranged dps left standing.  I think the final part went down a second before the self-repair happened.

Freya – Two shotted, and a damm clean kill at that.

Vezax – Two shotted, it felt a little tight at the end due to some mana issues (as ever only two of the raid had ever seen him in any depth), but a dead boss is dead.

Yoggie – We died, multiple times.

So initial plan for next week.

Yogg-Saron, plenty of wiping and learning on his many and varied abilities.

Homework will be put up here soon, including links to the guides, videos and random commentry.

Loin-girding – Build up those funds, make sure enchants and gems are polished and let’s put an old god’s head on a spike!