The demise of portal hubs

Amid much wailing and enashing of teeth of the beta forums the plugs have been pulled from the portals in Dalaran and Shatrath and some nice new trainers installed for those levelling out there, I’m expecting this to tie in with cold weather trainers out in the starting Wrath zones to allow simple access to Dalaran.

This is simply a change to prevent Dalaran from remaining the default travel hub for all traffic in WoW, in much the same way as everyone moved from Azeroth to Outlands, and then from Outlands to Northrend, we’re now being told “pack your bags, back to Azeroth”.  No one should be surprised in the least by this change, I’m certainly not I was wondering how Blizz were going to solve the problem of the bulk of the community remaining in Northrend.

We now know, problem solved.

“I have to travel places!”
“It takes too long!”

and so on… well suck it up people, there’s a quick route to the dark portal from all the major cities, with flying it’s even easier to get there, and let’s be honest without the portal hub being there who is going to want to be lurking around Dalaran anyway?