Cataclysm Beta: Experiments in tanking – Blackrock Caverns

Firstly I would like to say, “ouch, that hurt”.

Korvenwolf is currently geared in a mix of levelling greens and ICC25 264/277 kit, so I’m not sure how much of the problems I was seeing were down to non-ideal itemisation.  Though I’m sure a stack of them were down to not really understanding the changed rotations yet, and as I have since noticed (it’s been a few days since I started this post) the lack of spent talent points won’t have helped one bit.

So actually I think it was pretty bloody amazing I could keep the mobs under control at all (thank you dear party for your patience), on the plus side I do have a better idea of which of the skills I had were useful as threat tools and which were less effective.

Rom’ogg Bonecrusher – Providing the trash is cleared he’s not too much of a problem, however fail to clear the trash and you’re going to be toast.

Corla, Herald of Twilight – So much easier than last time I was in, the number of adds has been halved and the control of the debuff on them went a lot smoother than previous attempts.  Though she’s still a bit of a chaotic fight.  I reckon that it could be tuned up a bit yet to make her more of a challenge.  Clear the trash first, particularly the patrol.

Karsh Steelbender – Nice mechanic, moving him in and out of the pillar of fire effectively is the key, we wiped on the first attempt thanks to me leaving him in the fire too long causing far far too much AoE damage. The trash in this room is a bit on the painful side

Beauty – Watch the fear, watch the breath and other stuff, keep away from Runty and boss is dead.

Ascendant Lord Obsidius – Actually this boss was a bit of a let down, he was a faceroll, I AoE tanked anything which moved and the DPS nuked.  I suspect more tuning is required here.

So on balance I quite like the instance but it could do with being a bit more of a challenge, either upping the boss or as part of the overall tuning of our gear.  However ‘wolf is possibly not the ideal test candidate as he’s still packing most of his ICC25 (264/277) gear and can soak more punishment than a tank geared in the kit from levelling.