Team Pirate : Ulduar, facetime with Yoggie

As predicted, we came, we saw, we had our arses kicked but he might well be ours next week.

This was our first serious week on Yoggie, after nuking down the weekly (FL) on 25-man we decamped back into our 10-man raid and wandered down for some ‘discussion’ with the old god on the nature of the universe.

Phase 1 :  Dances with Guardians

We’re getting better, of the course of our normal raid (3hrs) we went from “dying to lots and lots of guardians” to “only getting a couple of extras at the end of the phase”.  The critical thing to learn is if it looks like you “might just get through that gap” then there isn’t sufficient room and go round the long way.  Yogg is a survival fight, it’s about control and making sure that each phase has it’s issue kept under control.

So take your time, wait for the mobs to reach the Sara tank.  The “collecting” tank will be wandering around as needed, don’t pewpew his mobs as he’ll be more interested in moving safely than holding onto them against aggressive DPS.

Phase 2 : Tentacles?  When did this become Anime?

Avoid constrictors where possible, do your own damage to constrictors rather than passively waiting to be released (easier for casters than melee types).  One tank (and only one) is needed on the Crushers to dance in to interupt the channelled spell, the rest of the melee should be on the Corruptor.  Ideally this is where our bear tank goes kitty for some extra damage.  Portal people, take the time to get into place before they spawn, this gives more time in the illusion and therefore more time on the brain.

More brain time means we have more clean up time outside and a shorter overall P2, this is good.

Sanity.  Particularly for portal people, get out before the cast is finished, if this means cancelling a spell, go for it, run away.  Spend time standing in pretty green, it’s nice.

Phase 3 : Errr… what, we got here?

This was the (very pleasant) surprise of the raid.  We managed to burn into Phase 3, which did have it’s downside as we han’t briefed on it.

Phase 3 is about raw numbers on the boss, keeping the guardians tanked and being focus fired down in order and sanity, watch the sanity.

Where do we go from here

More practice and I reckon we have ourselves some Old God Sushi.

Then Razorscale & The Council and we have ourselves a cleared instance.