Icecrown loot

Information is dropping about the loot to expect in the Icecrown 5-man content.

10-man iLevel 25-man
Naxx 200
KT, EoE 213 Naxx
Ulduar 219
IC 5-man 219
Ulduar hard 226 Ulduar, KT/EoE
CC 232 Ulduar weapons
IC Heroics 232
239 Ulduar Hard
CC hard 245 CC
258 CC Hard
IC raid ??
?? IC Raid

This is definitely another stage of the gear reset to give players a chance to gear enough to make the jump into IC raids easier without having to grind all the way through Naxx, Ulduar and the Tournament. In short grinding the IC 5-man heroics will give gear of a suitable level to mash into the normal versions of the CC raids and probably just about good enough to have a pop at IC 10 man.