Heroics 2009/04/15

Last night’s efforts.

PUGed a VoA25, not a perfect run and nowhere near enough DPS for the new boss.

2009/04/15 VoA25

A CoS timed run with Mardia, Kenau, Kaylad, Korenwolf & Tanque, fortunately the deaths happened at Meathook so we had time to bring them back to life before the start of the second half of that section. Foul up on my part in not making the “roll need on the drake” thing from the previous night’s run (Sorry Mardia).

However we know we can blow through the instance and I think almost all of us got an upgrade or a drake.

2009/04/15 CoS Timed Run

and then a quickish DTK run, Mardia got to see the inside of the place for the first time, I think the only face pulls were mine and we’ve finally got the DK’s before the final boss understood and sorted out.

2009/04/15 DTK Heroic

5 thoughts on “Heroics 2009/04/15”

  1. the cos timed run seems to show the dps as scoring higher than the tank on the bossmobs, so that’s good. I need to get my DPS above 2K though. not sure how to do that just yet. perhaps the new bit of tin will help.

    I think I need to go shopping for some DPS legs, rather than the tanking ones… wonder where the purple DPS legs are…

    1. Not sure, though checking Tanque’s kit is probably a good starting point. be.imba is currently borked thanks to the armoury changes. It is nice to see the DPS leaving me down the lower end of the damage charts, it means the gearing is starting to balance (which shows in how we’re blowing through some of the instances).

      Maybe we should try and build a guild+pug 10-man on Saturday :).

    1. So we have a shopping run into OK (Taldaram), UK ( Ingvar) and DTK (Novos) to keep various people happy.

      Oh and the CoS timed run until we’ve all got our drakes 🙂

  2. look – be imba is now serving up profiles about 75% of the time, so it works…

    I’ve looked up you, kaylad and kenau.

    not checked Tanque’s gear, but it’s better than mine.

    My blue bar shows that I might perform OK in Ulduar – as do all yours. This is based on the assumption that the rest of the group are similarly or better geared.

    Your shield needs an enchant, btw.

    Why don’t we try getting into ulduar? on the basis that everyone wants to be in there, we might find it easier than the frustration of pugging in Naxx.

    Just a thought.

    Shame I can’t do anything much after this week though…

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