Levelling as Protection

So I’m back into my levelling comfort zone, bringing a baby tank into the world but with all the experience I’ve built on a raiding tankadin and what I’ve picked up from tanking with both my DK and furball of doom.  It’s certainly less painful than it used to be, partly thanks to knowing that the AH exists (something I missed for the first 20 or 30 levels on my Paladin) and having a more relaxed attitude to gold, gear, buff food, health pots etc etc.

As I levelled Korenwolf there was always in the back of my mind “I’ll keep _thing_ for when I really need it”, of course this meant my bags filled with scrolls, pots and food which never got used and dropped below the threshold of usefulness as he moved through the zones.  This time around on the warrior I’m merrily mashing away, popping the buffs even if I’m only going to be on for another 20 minutes, who cares that I’m not getting the full duration from them.

I’ve proved in a number of instances (Ragefire, DM, Stockages & SFK) that she’s more than capable of picking up mobs and holding them off the DPS, or at least where the dps are working with me and not against me and I’m quite enjoying it.

Levelling is of course easier in that she’s being levelled as part of a team with SWMBO’s priest who’s bringing the dps big guns with a side order of healing to allow the Gnomelette to pull silly amounts of trash into a single killing zone, or indeed to survive picking up the extra patrol where as a solo warrior she’s be studying the floor at close range (again).  Of course I have to be careful to remember I don’t have the insta-aggro of Korenwolf or his survivability tricks (thank you ardent defender).

More on this as she levels up to 40 and into the big time.

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  1. As you know, M’s shammie is pewpew, and mine is resto – about the same level (well, m is 40, I am 37) – I am trying to get my shammie working again, after a long time just standing there in her jogging outfit in front of the bank…

    So far shammie healing is two button mashing…

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