Is there enough content?

I don’t think so, ICC has now been open for eight months, most of the players who want to be in there have cleared all or most of it, heroic modes aren’t keeping guilds going and Ruby Sanctum is enough to keep progression guilds interested for a month, two at the outside.  Most guilds who raid regularly will have cleared normal mode already, the trick is in the phase 2/3 twilight realm movement.

All the current estimates are putting Cataclysm at October (optimistic) and probably somewhere from mid-Nov to early Dec.  That’s three months or more away.  Some players are off playing SCII, which I don’t think is a co-incidence, neat timing by Blizz, get the hardcore gamers spending money on another major title while they’re waiting for the next expansion but that only keeps a certain number happy.

So my plans, try and get more raids going with Team Pirate, most of the team hasn’t seen anything beyond Rotface and we’ve only just cleared the minibosses through to Halion.  Continue levelling the rogue (got to the current levelcap for lockpicking last night, that was a boring as sin grind) and the Warrior.  I might even dust off the Shammie again, but I’ve been having problems with him.  Beyond that I’m not sure.  The raiding guild feels like it’s imploding at the moment, but that’s a subject for a different post.

Here’s hoping the re-taking of Gnomer comes sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Is there enough content?”

  1. ^^ agree. Whilst none on the server has killed LK25 in heroic mode, that’s not enough to keep us all going.

    My rogue is not yet capable of Northrend instances, but is munching through Outland content quite quickly. That’s a leveling project that might be completed before cata.

    And my little shammie is just starting to get off the blocks – but that’s a company thing – I’ve specced her resto, and only intend to level her in company with another/other(s). Otherwise, she can stay being my banker.

    What *would* be something, for Cresside at least, is to actually complete all the LK raid instances – if possible. And to finish up those last few heroic dungeon achievements. It’s not exactly drake collection, but it would mark actually *seeing* the content. Hard modes for the titles/kerching are optional…

    I’ve also had an offer to show me round Blackwing Lair – all those places I have never been to.

    I’m not even mad keen on seeing more of ICC on 10man – I’ll do it, but I’ve seen a lot of that place over the last eight months, and although it’s a great place, it’s nice to have a change of scene… Halion is not enough of a change of scene though – even if there is a great trinket in there…

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