ChromeGnome – Attempt#1

So, the first ChromeGnome turned out to be a Worgen Hunter (why can’t gnomes be anything they like? Gnomes are the definition of all that is good (and evil) in the world). Anyway, the first few levels were no different to normal, from ~7 onwards the greens start landing and went straight to Mr/Mrs Generic Vendor for some much needed funding.

The problem turned out to be more related to my choice of toon and the unpredictability of the Battle for Gilneas where the masses of mobs decided I was tasty and the NPC army slacked off and watched.

Thus ended attempt one at the epic adventure.

Minor other problem, because I didn’t take the BOA mounts out of the mailbox to save bag space I can’t delete the toon until I get to somewhere there’s a mailbox. Which is a pain in the arse, a big one.

Attempt #2 is being planned, this time with a gnome.

Worrying about a sick child

I had a phone call from Mother in Australia this morning. My youngest sister’s eldest son (he’s 10) is in hospital, diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease (which has nothing to do with motorbikes!).

He started to get ill on Saturday and progressed from sore throat to swollen glands in his neck to fever to rash and cracked/dry lips despite not being dehydrated (he’s not eaten anything for several days but has been drinking plenty) with the GP seeing him every day and then him being rushed to hospital this morning. The specialist has said that today was the earliest they could have diagnosed it because they would have to have that whole progression to map the symptoms to this and not to some virus/infection. He’s booked in for an echo (I assume echocardiogram – Mum just said “echo”) at the children’s hospital in the morning (it’s early evening there now). Sister’s other half has been called home, he works in the mines, his employer arranged him a flight out straight away. Sis is staying at the hospital, Mum and Dad have got her younger son with them for now.

Poor kid. Looks like he’s going to have to be monitored for heart problems for the rest of his life once he recovers from the initial illness. At least the prognosis is good when it is diagnosed early and the treatment started straight away.

ETA: spoke to sister on the phone this evening, he’s being given the gammaglobulin i-v (8 and a half bottles at $2000/bottle… thank goodness he’s under 16 and they live in Australia so they don’t have to find the cash for it). She’s bribing him to take his aspirin tablets, apparently. He’s spending his time making lists of what he will buy with the money when he goes home! He’ll be in hospital for a week at least.

A lesson in shooting yourself in the foot

Nadine Dorries was on the radio earlier whining on about the current part of the expenses scandal and came out with the line that this is just like a tax code being changed and retrospectively applied for several years. So her argument is that financial matters such as tax and expenses shouldnt’ have any form of retrospective element.

Funnily enough this isn’t the line the government & parliament take when it comes to the ordinary Joe Public.

The pre-owned assets tax (“POAT”) was introduced in the tax year 2005/06 and levies a charge to income tax on some previously successful inheritance tax planning schemes which were within the rules.

It can be applied to transactions entered into since 17th March 1986.

So Nadine, up yours. The rotten parliament you and the other 645 troughers are in set the precedent here.

Cataclysm tea leaves

3.3 PTR goes live (Oct 2nd), for a patch this size I reckon 4-6 weeks of testing before it hits the live. So we’re looking at Icecrown being live by mid-November, so that’s our Christmas content for everyone except the uber-l33t progression guilds who will have Arthas nailed in the first day. I hope they enjoy their break from raiding while the rest of us work on him.

Where does that leave us for Cataclysm?

I reckon we’ll see the open beta by mid-Feb at the latest, probably sometime in Jan 2010. With a planned release somewhere between Easter and Summer. I’m personally pitching it closer to Easter.

Icecrown loot

Information is dropping about the loot to expect in the Icecrown 5-man content.

10-man iLevel 25-man
Naxx 200
KT, EoE 213 Naxx
Ulduar 219
IC 5-man 219
Ulduar hard 226 Ulduar, KT/EoE
CC 232 Ulduar weapons
IC Heroics 232
239 Ulduar Hard
CC hard 245 CC
258 CC Hard
IC raid ??
?? IC Raid

This is definitely another stage of the gear reset to give players a chance to gear enough to make the jump into IC raids easier without having to grind all the way through Naxx, Ulduar and the Tournament. In short grinding the IC 5-man heroics will give gear of a suitable level to mash into the normal versions of the CC raids and probably just about good enough to have a pop at IC 10 man.