Well it looks like I’ve got a bill of at least 2k gold this week, 3.1 is strongly rumoured (blue posts and all that) to drop today on the US / Oceania realms which means it hits EU tomorrow.

So, what are the plans for Clan ‘wolf?

Korenwolf, he’s a tank, he hits things, he likes hitting things but there are times when the repair bill is getting him down and he’d like to slack at the back so he’s going to learn how to be a bit more holy and a bit less “make holey” and do some healing.

Unferth, a druid, who’s name currently means “looks like we can have a bonfire lads!“, he’ll be getting back in touch with his furry side for assisting friendly mages (Maleficia) and mashing badies to make gold to feed his kit habit.

The others are just going to have to wait their turn.