The plan…

Yoggie, I have a message for you, the bucanners are coming and we’re going to kick your godly old arse back into the nether where it belongs.

At the moment we’re fielding around eight players (having the two newest guild members around is helping massively, though pretty much everything which drops is an upgrade for them at the moment [was it wrong to take them both into ICC10 with ave iLevel 120 gear?]), Ulduar is a pretty place, with the mix of gearing it’s possible to work through without too much pain.

After spending about 90 minutes being kicked in TotC (weekly) we pootled over to Ulduar and mashed through the first three bosses on the progression line (I’m going to keep razorscale & Ignis back as “we need something to kill after wiping” bosses).

Next week we aim for Crazy Cat Lady, Hodir and possibly a look at Mimi.

So, what can you do for the raid?

  • Enchant / gem / work out your rotation
  • Bring fish! 🙂  [Hell just providing uncooked is enough into the guild bank for someone else to cook up]
  • Bring flasks [or indeed herbs to make flasks, see above]
  • Some fights we can just gear our way through, others we’re going to wipe on, so ponder, contemplate and just think about killing that old god!
  • Youtube, wowwiki and so on, and I’m thinking particularly about the Mimiron fight, it’s a complex one.

So, warm up those DPS cannons, let’s kill us a raid instance.

Edit: Adding Onyxia onto the “when we need something different to die on” boss.

News from the latest build

“Old weather flying” will have a cost, currently pitched at 250g (pretty trivial to reach), so this is more of a “we’re going to make sure you see it as something to aim for” rather than “Gold Sink!”.  It’s almost certain that you’ll only be able to learn this skill with the Cata expansion pack.  No flying for you in Azeroth without shelling out the notes to Blizzard.

MMO Champion has been digging through the latest build and has picked out the current values for the tier 11 set bonuses, I’ve not looked in detail at this yet and to be honest I would expect the number to change anyway as the numbers in general seem very uncertain for the general class builds at the moment.

We wiped on Meathook…

Yes boys and girls, you heard it right.  Meathook kicked us in the collective and we failed on the timed run in CoS Heroic.  “How can this happen” “noobs!” and so on I hear coming over the tangled wires of the interwebs.  Simple enough, we actually went in with a tank which was appropriately geared but one on which I’m still trying to remember where all the buttons are, two dps who had never seen the place before and a healer who is working out which heals to drop and when.

In other words, it was a challenge, none of this “I’ll just go pull half the gauntlet” for this group, careful pulling was the watchword, making sure that the dps were in the right place and tweaking the position of the mobs where necessary.  Thinking about what I was doing rather than relying on having a threat lead equal to that of Ghostcrawler announcing a change to retribution.

Will we be doing that again, hell yes!

Back into the saddle

After a week spent in a hotel in Birmingham being part of the horde which runs the Discworld convention (more on that in another post) I’m back at work and sorting out the normal things which need doing, such as making sure anyone who wanders past has something vaguely interesting to look at.

Not much beta news at the moment, I had a quick look at the update which came in while we were away, I need to spend some quality time with my paladin to see how he’s working out, and to see if the rumours of the increased incoming pain are accurate.  The launcher is now looking like it’s close to being complete, I suspect that the only work left is under the hood in optimising the data flows to make the “it’s still downloading but playable” work even better, and let’s be honest it’s pretty damm good already.

In other news we wandered into ICC10 with a raid of nine, two of which had average iLevels of ~120, we wiped on each of the first three bosses but downed all of them (ok… we wiped on lolship… go on, laugh).  However much gearing was done on the warrior and a little less on the warlock.  I suspect more will be happening.  Which is good news as it means we should be finding it easier to field a full 10 for raiding once a week rather than the failures we’ve been having.

My mage has been moved back home to Earthen Ring, gearing is happening, melting ankles.