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The one in which Maleficia takes down a dragon…

The downside, it can take an age to get OS25 up and running, I think this one took something like an hour to really get moving.  Tedium doesn’t even come close.  On the plus side Unferth didn’t even shed a leaf trying to heal it, I reckon we could have dropped a healer or two and pulled in more dps.  On the bigger upside Maleficia, fresh from her excursion into Naxx25, popped in to pew pew some dragon hide.  So that’s more Valour emblems, and we now have a fresh lockout to try and get her built up to 25 for the first piece of upgrade gear.

The weekend

On the productive side of things the networking has been re-routed so cables aren’t draping all over the place following the BT engineer’s decision to replace the master socket faceplate with one which includes a microfilter.  Power and network now route under the stairs, just need to mount the power strip on the wall and find somewhere more sensible for the router than the bottom stair.

Ulduar (Fri)
Bosses died, Thorim gave us lots of grief largely due to experience issues I suspect and some team shakeups, however we got him nailed in the end.  This meant we didn’t get to Freya.

I’m learning to hate crazy cat woman.

Ulduar (Sat)
Was spent in the car and at A&E in Plymouth, you know where else to look for more details on that fun and games (in short he’s fine).

Ulduar (Sun)
The Iron council (not too much trouble), the General (took four attempts, the first was one of those WTF moments when we wiped at > 9k health left…) and then… Yoggie.  He’s going to be a fun fight, EO hasn’t got him down yet and given that the team was heavy on the inexperienced (ie never seen it before) I think we didn’t do too badly.

The decision has been made to get Lakayla to 70 before the patch hits, so plenty of levelling time for her and Tootsy, both dinged 64 last night.

Laser Chicken… more on this soon

Can’t see the tank…

“..for the trees”, also known as “Ulduar 10, the team weevil run”.

Not a bad run, as before in the U25 things got lumpy at Hodir, memo to self, keep moving (like the Nexus), stand on the big piles of snow for flash freeze and make sure that you pop instaHoTs while running and spam heal the tank (and anyone else during flash freeze [I’m not moving anyway] and Frozen Blows).

New kit was good, two tier tokens and enough Emblems of Valour for the healing ring.

Three trees healing isn’t an ideal mix, but we managed it, though the MT did die far too many times simply because we couldn’t collectively get the big heals in quickly enough (need more haste).