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So… I was starting to dabble with farcebook…

However if this news is accurate then I’m going to be closing down that as well


I know and understand that if there is no fee, then I’m the product.  Facebook, Google, Feedly etc etc all make their money by using information about me to sell advertising which is focused around me, my interests and the nature of what I’m looking at.

However intrusive ads which ram themselves into my world in this manner really are my break point for any service.  It’s where the balance between me looking at the content and the content being shoved in my face and more importantly into my world.

Facebook is bad enough with the ads in the timeline, the re-shares of “share this if you’re against $foo” crap, game spam etc etc.

So, where next.  It’s starting to feel like I should just completely junk social media (Twitter got canned completely because to be frank I’m sick to death of the whole thing and the way some people seem to enjoy jumping on my head), LJ is a ghost town, FB has always been suspect with the whole privacy side of things.