On balance it appears to be a decent upgrade, though there’s some issues on my iPhone 3g.

The good

  • Google calendar integration
  • Notes > gmail storage
  • Changes to the mail interface & threading

The bad

  • I’m sure it’s more sluggish than before, slower on the response after shifting apps.  I suspect there is more checking back with the net / google / apple going on in the background.
  • Google / Apple, how about a decent todo / tasklist tool?

The evil league of evil rumour mill

  • iAds has been enabled for targetted adverts.  It is possible to opt out
  • However it appears that the location tracking being logged back to Apple Central{tm} and passed on to their “partners” can’t be opted out of.
  • It’s possible that this isn’t as evil as it sounds but there’s nothing in the formal statements / documented agreement which completely clears their name either, It’s something I’ll be watching for and commenting on as news grows on this.