A night of instance mashing

Let’s see, first there was the run with the Paladin wrecking ball of doom, take H:HoL, a good healer, good dps and a tank rocking in his raiding gear and let’s see just what can be pulled without pausing.  Just for reference for any poor dps/healer partied up with a silly level gear paladin, they will chain pull because of the 14 second window between the last melee hit and Divine Plea dropping off.

Things were a complete breeze, even when we pulled several packs in the room of spinny death and managed to aggro a further pack (one dps ended up inspecting the floor).

Moving on a quick H:UK with the bear, I’m definitely getting the hang of how he works, mostly I lost aggro on a mob just as they were about to drop due to focus fire from the ranged dps.  So that’s cool.  I still need to get my head around the extras (bash, roars and so on) and the “oh shit” health button needs to get moved to somewhere decent on a hotkey not requiring me to get the mouse moved.