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When should the healer let someone die?

Picking up on the weekly topic from Blog Azeroth, when should I as a healer down tools (branches, arms, random squiddy wavey things) and say “Enough is enough, enjoy your damage you moron and your corpse run”.

Generally I don’t, when in 5-man content I am generally focused on doing what I’m meant to be doing and keeping everything standing which should be standing and let’s be honest the pain caused by letting someone die is counter productive.  Wipes are worse, they add 5+ minutes to a run.  In a PUG our collective aim is to melt faces, hack trash, grab emblems and get the hell out of there before we wake up something even bigger and move back into the queue for more badges or back to something else if all we’re after is the daily frosties.

Players dying means drama, complaints, more time spent ressing, waiting for players to release and bitching all the way back, generally I find it just too much damm effort.  It also weakens the trust a tank needs to have in their healer, when tanking I need to know I have a mana burning health monster watching my back we have a very simple symbiotic relationship going and it’s a good one.

Tank: I promise to watch the healer, pull mobs off before they eat face, keep an eye on the pretty blue bar while keeping the party moving at a good enough pace that we make decent progress through the dungeon.

Healer: I promise to keep healing the tank, shout if I need a break for mana and run to the tank if the mobs eat on my face.

DPS: Rawr.. we hits things.

That said, have I let someone die, actually no.  However in a recent PUG I did stop actively healing a hunter who kept pulling additional mobs for the tank, only healing him back up when the pack was dead, while nothing was said the behaviour did moderate, hopefully he noticed that his health was taking a beating and altered his own tactics to minimise his incoming.