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Enter the DestroGnome

I’ve been debating for a while what should be my second toon to pushed through in Cata, the one which gets the solo treatment and probably nearly as much gearing attention as my tanking main.  Based on recent experience with Wubbles has sealed the deal, the warlock (one of the classes I had originally pegged as “not a hope of ever reaching the level cap”) will be fighting the good fight and looking for some serious face time with the nasties following the Shattering.

Last night was a ITP / Nosferatu mixed run starting at our mate Arthas, I reckon that this little gnome held up the honour of gnomes everywhere by nuking his heart out.  No major mistakes and plenty of raw damage landing where it should.

The experience in the beta has also been pretty solid, Wubbles made 85 in Uldum without any serious problems and has been having a great time in the normal mode dungeons.  CC is essential and easy enough to handle, though I possibly need so more macros to make things even easier.

So roll on two weeks time and the entry of DestroGnome!