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MoP Beta, adventures in Pandaland

Well the beta is here, though only sort of as far as I’m concerned.  SWMBO has her beta invite so I’m reduced to looking over her shoulder or using the account at other times.

Now let’s cover off a few initial points to make sure we’re all talking the same language.

  1. This is not paid for content
    Now this is going to be an arguable point as access to the beta is part of the Annual Pass, however those willing to actually read the detail of the agreement will almost certainly find some epic grade caveats about the beta shoved in there.
  2. This is not a demo
    Seriously, it’s not.  It isn’t filler content either.  This is a work in progress, it has bugs, it has problems, whole sections of the new content are locked out and may be only open for limited periods of time. 
  3. The dev team are mostly in America
    This means that a lot of the focused testing when they’re watching will occur at times to suit their working hours / schedules not those of people in Europe or elsewhere in the world.  Sorry but deal with it.  It’s their business decision on how best to use their developer time, which devs to keep in the office late etc etc.  See point #1
  4. We are here to test
    Ok, it is fun looking at the new content but this is our moment to find the problems in the game (yes scroll of pandageddon I’m looking at you) .  Whether they’re bugs, spelling mistakes (See point #3 when considering whether something is going to be considered a spelling mistake), holes in the scenery, problems with animation.  Everything.
  5. Report bugs
    and report them well.  At the moment our only option is the forum, report quickly, report fully, report concisely.  Include screenshots / other supporting information, but for the love of the panda gods report the damn things.

Finally I shall leave you with the first bug I encountered, a graphics glitch on the interface between the bridge and land.